Science in Mass Effect

Blog post Number 50 Written: 07-26-2021 Uploaded 03-17-2023 (Happy St. Patrick’s day.) Update: I have also been playing through the Mass Effect franchise games on my YouTube channel. Here’s a playlist… Mass Effect gets around the FTL problem that is so common in science fiction, without breaking the laws of physics which is good inContinue reading “Science in Mass Effect”

Fears and Feelings About Humanity and Space Colonization

Blog Post Number 48 Written: 07-22-2021 Uploaded: 03-04-2023 I don’t think the idea of space colonization needs to be debated. We’re all of the understanding that it’s required for the sake of humanity. It’ll get ups the room for our population, raw materials to feed, house, and let all those people live. Supplies to build.Continue reading “Fears and Feelings About Humanity and Space Colonization”

Weird facts of human evolution…

Blog Post Number 46 Written: 07-19-2021 Uploaded: 02-10-2023 I made my list of blog topics a long time ago, one of them, you guessed it is weird facts about human evolution, and Aliens. What I had in mind when I initially wrote that single sentence, I will most likely never remember, maybe I should seekContinue reading “Weird facts of human evolution…”

Thoughts and feelings about Heinlein

Blog Post Number 45 Written: 07-18-21 Uploaded: 01-27-2023             I was late to the party when it comes to Heinlein. I read Starship troopers as a teenager, and it was fantastic, (not the movie, the book you heathens The movie requires alcohol to be enjoyable.) Starship troopers (still the book) was some great science-heavy actionContinue reading “Thoughts and feelings about Heinlein”

Feelings about David Brin

Blog Post Number 44 Written 07-15-2021 Uploaded 01-20-2023             David Brin is another excellent author who I feel is underappreciated. I don’t remember if I already talked about him, but I am doing it here, so if it’s a repeat subject I apologize, I’m just going with it, because it’s been a heck of aContinue reading “Feelings about David Brin”

Feelings on Orson Scott-Card

Blog post Number 42 Written:07-11-2021 Uploaded:01-06-2023 I’ll try and keep this one short, partially because I’ve spent all morning repairing my wooden fence that the storm blew down and partly because this is Orson Scott-Card, the author who got me started down my long dark path of science fiction. I figured since I started talkingContinue reading “Feelings on Orson Scott-Card”