Character backstory for Captain Lydia Litvak

Blog Post Number 18 Written: 06-04-2021 Uploaded: 05-20-2022 Captain Lydia Litvak is not a happy story, but she’s not a sad story either. Her father was a hardcore career military man, and her mother passed due to cancer in her early teens. As such, her teenage years were hard and lonely. She spent much ofContinue reading “Character backstory for Captain Lydia Litvak”

Backstory and lore of the Balaur

Blog post Number 16 Written: 06-01-2021 Uploaded: 05-06-2022 For a long time, I called the Balaur “dragons”. It wasn’t until after the contract was signed and the book was less than a month from publication that the name was changed from Dragon to Balaur. This was the last significant change to the book that constitutedContinue reading “Backstory and lore of the Balaur”