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Hello and welcome, I am Chace Randolph, a science fiction author. It is one of my beliefs that you should have adventures in order to write adventures. I use my personal experiences ranging from crawling in caves to working on all types of vehicles -from motorcycles and race cars to 747’s- as fuel while I strive to write compelling action-filled science fiction thrillers.

— My debut novel and the opening act to my space saga, The Descendant, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

The Descendant is also available through Vintage books and through Powell’s Books.

I have posted some of my other works on the official BattleTech fan fiction forum. More updates to follow.

— Book I, The Descendant introduces my main character and serves as his coming-of age story, setting the stage for him to be thrown into a wild, galaxy-spanning thriller saga. With subsequent books in the making.

This is a hand painted illustration created for the book

The fourth and final part in a series of free promotional flash fiction short stories have been released, the complete book has been uploaded and is available for purchase on Amazon. All the link’s are listed below.

A second hand painted illustration for the promotional short stories, painted by the same artist as the cover, my Grandfather Devin Randolph.

Coming soon

— As soon as I can get some software I am going to start recording for the audio book version of The Descendant.

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More about the author

I would like to say something along the lines of, “Chace Randolph is actually three velociraptors in a trench coat,” but that might be too much fun. I am an Arizona native and have spent the latter half of my life crawling over and in the deserts of Southern Arizona. I am a mechanic by day, having worked on old pickup trucks, (I love a good straight-six) motorcycles, cars and airplanes -I once cut a 757 in half. I am currently working on full motion flight simulators for training pilots. I have been to many mountains and in a few caves here in my home state. (Maybe I’m crazy and think having to exhale to make my chest deflate so I can squirm through a tunnel under 75 feet of solid rock is fun. (It’s a great full-body workout if nothing else.) I have a lifelong fascination with aircraft and have been telling stories about them since I could speak. It only got worse when I learned to write. As a writer by night, I started with fantasy. After several false starts, I tried to write some post-apocalyptic survival thrillers during the zombie craze of the late 2000s. I liked them; they were better than the fantasy, but they weren’t ‘it’. Out of idle curiosity, I took up reading Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” series, and playing the tabletop game of BattleTech at roughly the same time. I was instantly hooked on science fiction. The only things faster than airplanes, are space ships, and who doesn’t like giant robots? I immediately started writing some BattleTech Fan-Fic that tried to answer the Fermi Paradox . (Some of the newer stuff I have edited and posted on the official BattleTech forum. Link are listed above.) Eventually, the exploits of my characters became so egregious that they wouldn’t fit in the cannon BattleTech universe anymore, so I made my own universe. Then wrote a trilogy for that setting. That failed completely, as it consisted of little more than galactic genocide. I gave up writing entirely for a couple years. (Mostly as I didn’t have time, while I squeezed out 3 associate’s degrees in 5 semesters at a community college.) Another idea came to me shortly after my mind recovered from college.  I tried to combine my early works of fantasy with my love of science fiction and that was awful too… pure drek. Fast forward another year or two and I was struck with an idea like lightning. I took the SciFi/Fantasy hybrid I was trying to write, cut out the fantasy bits, and used the universe I had already created for my heavily evolved BattleTech fanfic as a foundation. Taking decades of lore and world building, I threw it onto the bones of the novel idea I had rattling around in my head. It was fantastic. I wrote the first book, “The Descendant,” in 14 days. (7 consecutive weekends, I was working the night shift and slept as much as I could during the work week.) The story burned in my head like the hot coals from last night’s campfire and I couldn’t get it out fast enough. After a few drafts working with my grandmother as one of my beta readers. (Hi, Grandma!) I pulled an all-nighter getting draft number 7 ready and took an electronic copy of my book to the Tucson Festival of Books. I made a single submission after speaking at some length with the chief editor of an indie press and it was accepted. Here I am publishing a book, with more already written and inline to be edited soon and so much more to be written after that. I have a whole universe to explain. I’m learning so much during this process, launching this book. All the social media, building websites, YouTube, audio books, printing, business cards. Everything I’m exploring, is all new ground to me. But, I’m also learning that dreams can become reality.

Thank you for stopping by, see you out there.

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