Hello and welcome, I am Chace Randolph, a science fiction author. It is one of my beliefs that you should have adventures in order to write adventures. I use my personal experiences ranging from crawling in caves to working on all types of vehicles -from motorcycles and race cars to 747’s- as fuel while I strive to write compelling action-filled science fiction thrillers.

— My debut novel and the opening act to my space saga, The Descendant, is now available from the links below and more, search the ISBN 978-1735466019 at your favorite book store, they can probably get it too.






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— The original plans for hard cover and Audio book versions have been postponed indefinitely. I have recovered the print rights for the books from my no longer publisher, and am starting the process to query agents and get the book(s) relaunched with a bigger press.

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More about the author

Contrary to what some would say, I am not actually three velociraptors in a trench coat. I am an Arizona native and have spent the latter half of my life crawling over and in the deserts of Southern Arizona. I am a mechanic by day, having worked on everything between motorcycles and jumbo jets (I once cut a 757 in half) and I’m a writer by night. I have a lifelong fascination with aircraft and have been telling stories about them since I could speak. I am generally interested in all things mechanical, ships, planes, cars, motorcycles, submarines, spacecraft. Anything with interesting engineering. History as it pertains to these mechanization’s has has always interested me, and I could go on and on, generally I just like to know things. about stuff.

I wrote the first book in the saga, “The Descendant,” in 14 days. (7 consecutive weekends.) After a few drafts working with my beta readers, I pulled an all-nighter getting draft number 7 ready and took an electronic copy of my book to the local book Festival. I made a single submission after speaking at some length with the chief editor of an indie press and it was accepted. I have more books already written and inline to be edited soon and so much more to be written after that. I have a whole universe to expound upon.

I’ve learned so much during the of process of launching this book. All the social media, building websites, YouTube, audio books, printing, business cards, marketing. But also the science behind my science fiction, the space ships, and orbital mechanics and astronomy and so on. Everything I’m exploring, is all new ground to me. But, I’m also learning that dreams can become reality.

Thank you for stopping by, see you out there.

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