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US vs UK English

Blog Post number 32 Written: 06-23-2021 Uploaded 09-09-2022             I never knew there was a difference between American and British English, at least not until I was in high school as a little kid I just assumed English was English, because words are words ya know? Since the previous post was about Grammarly, this oneContinue reading “US vs UK English”


Blog Post Number 31 Written: 06-22-2021 Uploaded: 09-04-2022 I have used the free version of Grammarly and have mixed feelings. They’re slowly getting better, or rather that my opinion of Grammarly is improving. I was told by my publisher since I am working with a professional editor to not bother with the expensive paid versionContinue reading “Grammarly”


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Chace here, author of The Descendant. This blog is going to contain a little bit of everything. Lore from the book series, science facts, theories, paradoxes and just the general stuff I nerd out about. Probably even some stuff about how I write, and my thinking and process. We’ll see when I get there. Please feel free to comment and hang around. There will be weekly updates for the foreseeable future.

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