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Math for Ship Orbits

Blog post Number 15 Written:05-30-2021 Uploaded 04-29-2022 I know I am bad at math, but bear with me, I have actually done some of the astrodynamic calculations for my books, but really only the second book with… we’ll you’ll see. Anyway, I was trying to figure out orbital velocity, because I needed to know howContinue reading “Math for Ship Orbits”

The King of Hammers

Blog Post Number 14 Written 05-28-2021 Posted 04-22-2022 I’ve got a couple of high school friends, one of which is the owner/driver of an off-road racing team that participates in the Ultra4 league, another of which also serves as the marketing and media coordinator for the team. I like to think of myself as pitContinue reading “The King of Hammers”


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Chace here, author of The Descendant. This blog is going to contain a little bit of everything. Lore from the book series, science facts, theories, paradoxes and just the general stuff I nerd out about. Probably even some stuff about how I write, and my thinking and process. We’ll see when I get there. Please feel free to comment and hang around. There will be weekly updates for the foreseeable future.

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