Interlude post and book update

Written and uploaded 08-26-2022 Hey, I know normally I have a prewritten post. I sat down a while back and just cranked out a bunch of relevant posts, and once a week I just throw one out to be consistent, and because of how many I have, I don’t have to worry about my content.Continue reading “Interlude post and book update”

Exo Planets and interstellar research

Blog Post Number 29 Written: 06-20-2021 Uploaded 08-12-2022 I have been researching real planets to use in the books. I’ve got a list of real planets that I use as references while describing the worlds and such within The Descendant Saga.  Just going to list a few that have, or will be used in theContinue reading “Exo Planets and interstellar research”

Bing Left Handed and my Handwriting

Blog post Number 27 Written: 06-17-2021 Uploaded: 07-29-2022 I am left-handed, and just like right-handed people forget there are left-handed people, I forget there are right-handed people and it’s weird to watch a right-handed person write. It’s very different for a left-handed person, the spine of the book, for example, a spiral-bound notebook or aContinue reading “Bing Left Handed and my Handwriting”

The Lore of the Tillians

Blog Post Number 26 Written:06-16-2021 Uploaded 07-22-2022 This post comes with another big Spoiler warning. The books that this pertains to haven’t been written yet, much less published, so feel free to read out of curiosity, or don’t read this week’s post, because of spoilers. You’ve been warned and now it’s your choice. I justContinue reading “The Lore of the Tillians”

The Lore of the Cathatus

Blog post number 24 Written: 06-10-2021 Uploaded:07-01-2022 This post, is more lore, more deep background about the wider descendant universe, the kind of stuff that really interests me when I’m looking into a fictional universe. But as such, this also necessitates spoilers, so if you don’t want spoilers for when, or if the book getsContinue reading “The Lore of the Cathatus”

Lore for the Uplifted Octopi

Blog Post Number 23 Written: 06-08-2021 Uploaded: 06-24-2022 Warning, Minor spoilers in this post too… I felt the universe I was creating for The Descendant needed more, more races, more diversity, more culture. One of the best ways I have ever seen that done was in David Brinn’s star tide rising trilogy where humanity hadContinue reading “Lore for the Uplifted Octopi”

The Lore of the Uradians (Big Spoilers)

Blog Post Number 22 Written:06-08-2021 Uploaded 06-17-2022 The Uradians are biologically engineered. They are not born, they are grown, but they are organic, they are not assembled, even if they are manufactured. Designed and deployed by the Cathatus to assuage human colonization, on a galactic scale, by destroying all humans. The Uradians and the CathatusContinue reading “The Lore of the Uradians (Big Spoilers)”