Lore for the Uplifted Octopi

Blog Post Number 23 Written: 06-08-2021 Uploaded: 06-24-2022 Warning, Minor spoilers in this post too… I felt the universe I was creating for The Descendant needed more, more races, more diversity, more culture. One of the best ways I have ever seen that done was in David Brinn’s star tide rising trilogy where humanity hadContinue reading “Lore for the Uplifted Octopi”

The Lore of the Uradians (Big Spoilers)

Blog Post Number 22 Written:06-08-2021 Uploaded 06-17-2022 The Uradians are biologically engineered. They are not born, they are grown, but they are organic, they are not assembled, even if they are manufactured. Designed and deployed by the Cathatus to assuage human colonization, on a galactic scale, by destroying all humans. The Uradians and the CathatusContinue reading “The Lore of the Uradians (Big Spoilers)”

The Story of Getting The Descendant Printed

Blog post Number 20 Written:06-06-2021 Uploaded 06-04-2022 I’ll try and keep this to a reasonable length, if I start talking about my book, sometimes I don’t stop. I’m very proud of it. I started life as a fantasy fan. But later because of the influences of Orson Scott Card and BattleTech, I was converted toContinue reading “The Story of Getting The Descendant Printed”

Tactics and Strategies in Video Games

Blog Post Number 19 Written:06-05-21 Uploaded:05-27-2022 I know this seems kind of off topic since I am a sci-fi author and this is about video games, but I am also a PC gamer, and I love me some hardcore first-person shooters. Tittles Like Squad, Arma III, Insurgency Sandstorm, Ground Branch, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum,Continue reading “Tactics and Strategies in Video Games”

Character backstory for Captain Lydia Litvak

Blog Post Number 18 Written: 06-04-2021 Uploaded: 05-20-2022 Captain Lydia Litvak is not a happy story, but she’s not a sad story either. Her father was a hardcore career military man, and her mother passed due to cancer in her early teens. As such, her teenage years were hard and lonely. She spent much ofContinue reading “Character backstory for Captain Lydia Litvak”

Backstory and lore of the Balaur

Blog post Number 16 Written: 06-01-2021 Uploaded: 05-06-2022 For a long time, I called the Balaur “dragons”. It wasn’t until after the contract was signed and the book was less than a month from publication that the name was changed from Dragon to Balaur. This was the last significant change to the book that constitutedContinue reading “Backstory and lore of the Balaur”