Building Computers

Blog post number 38 Written: 07-06-2021 Uploaded 12-03-2022 Black Friday 2018 I took advantage of the sales and ordered me some parts. I was converting from console gaming to the PC master race and I was going to build my own computer. I used a PC parts picker to make sure all the stuff inContinue reading “Building Computers”

Reading after becoming an author

Blog Post Number 36 Written 06-27-2021 Uploaded 11-12-2022 Reading, and the way I enjoy and consume books since seriously taking up writing and getting published have changed. I do still enjoy a good story, but my consumption of literature has also gotten much more, academic. I am actively and constantly critiquing the author’s word choice,Continue reading “Reading after becoming an author”

How working on airplanes and race cars help my writing

Blog Post Number 33 Written: 06-24-2021 Uploaded: 09-16-2022             I think my escapades as a mechanic and Avionics Tech have helped my writing more than most people would expect, myself included. I have worked on everything from 747’s to race cars and motorcycles with lots of stuff in between. Lots of 80’s ford trucks, aContinue reading “How working on airplanes and race cars help my writing”