Go kart part II

Blog Post Number 59 Written: 01-18-2023 Uploaded: 05-26-2023 I realise now, my design was always to grandiose, not just the 6×6 I started with or the 3×3 I went down to after that proved to be far too heavy. But they all had fancy long travel independent suspension and high amp draw motors that byContinue reading “Go kart part II”

All electric go kart back pack scout spotting utility cargo hauling prototype.

Blog post 58 Written :01-16-2023 Uploaded: 05-19-2023             I do a lot of stuff. I write, sure but among other things, I wrench on old 4×4’s and occasionally I like to go out into the desert and beat them up. As an adult, the people I once did these things with, either don’t have theContinue reading “All electric go kart back pack scout spotting utility cargo hauling prototype.”

Writers are the busiest people

Blog post Number 56 Written: 01-20-2022 Uploaded 04-28-2023 Writers are the busiest people, for all the reasons, and that’s why they are the busiest people. Not only are they looking out into the world, constructing, plotting imagining, questioning, researching and learning everything. And by that, I mean literally everything. What writer has not questioned, theContinue reading “Writers are the busiest people”

The Fermi Paradox

Blog Post Number 52 Written: 07-28-2021 Uploaded:04-01-2023             The Fermi paradox is an academic subject with papers, formulas, thesis’s and big minds with big names talking about it, and has been for some time, the ideas were originally put into words by physicist Enrico Fermi and works off the probability estimates of the Drake equation.Continue reading “The Fermi Paradox”

Science in Halo Video Games

Blog post Number 51 Written: 07-27-2021 Uploaded 03-24-2023             Well since I talked about the science of things last time, might as well continue it this time, and touch on the topic of the science they use in the Halo. Because everyone knows halo, and there are some decent books set in the Halo universeContinue reading “Science in Halo Video Games”

Science in Mass Effect

Blog post Number 50 Written: 07-26-2021 Uploaded 03-17-2023 (Happy St. Patrick’s day.) Update: I have also been playing through the Mass Effect franchise games on my YouTube channel. Here’s a playlist… Mass Effect gets around the FTL problem that is so common in science fiction, without breaking the laws of physics which is good inContinue reading “Science in Mass Effect”