Hungarian Names for Planets

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Tarko the Balaur here, to share the lore.

In the interest of starting conversations and building community around science fiction and The Descendant, I’m going to start a little blog here, hopefully, we can all talk about this kind of stuff, the science in science fiction and so on. So that we can all learn from each other. You can help me make my books better, and you can understand my reasoning for doing some of the things I have done inside the Universe of The Descendant.

You as the readers might not see or understand this particular topic yet, but I have completed writing and am working on edits and my beta readers are reviewing things for several books I have written ahead of what’s already published. I’m going to pre-emptively explain some lore and world-building type stuff to help set the stage as the other books come out.

To begin with, there is both a real-world reason and lore-based reason, why the Russian Federation is naming all their colonized planets with Hungarian names, and not Russian ones. 

The real-world reason is a friend I met through Discord whose screen name is Havazik. He is a big sci-fi fan and bought a copy of one of my books. Havazik is a Hungarian word, and translated to English means “snow” or more precisely the act of snowing, if my understanding is correct. 

            In his honor, I redubbed the planet in the third book based off the known exoplanet of Kepler 186F as Havazik. And, figuring it best not to refer to all the other planets as their listed names such as Kepler 452B and Kepler 442B as examples. (don’t worry there are more than just those three planets.) So, I went about naming those planets for other flavors of Hungarian weather. So that’s the real-world reason. But as with everything, there also has to be a lore reason for it. I have also commissioned art from another Hungarian, who I have since also befriended. He has helped me refine some of the names. We message quite a bit.

            As the lore goes, After the collapse of the European Union, Russia took control of most of the land, providing humanitarian aid, portraying themselves as glorious saviors, protectors of the weak and hungry, as they rolled in and smashed what was left of the now paralyzed and failing governments that could no longer afford to provide for their citizens and instead took all the people of Europe under their wings, albeit thin wings stretched wide. From the outside, this was perceived as a huge power play, something along the lines of a soviet re-union. This is what sparked the second cold war. As China was now the largest power in the world next to Russia which was now stretched thin, but flexing hard to keep control over the entire European continent. The United States having been drug down into economic ruin as they tried to bail out their allies while the European union sank. This second cold war between Russia and China became a second space race.

            In the real-world Hungary is surprisingly well known for their mathematicians and scientific researchers. In the lore of The Descendant universe, having been enveloped by the rapidly expanding Russian federation, it was a Hungarian Mathematician who puzzled out the math for the interdimensional drive system, and as such, in his honor, all Russian colonies have been named in Hungarian. That is the lore-based reason for the Russian Federation to name their planets in Hungarian.

Thanks for stopping by, see you out there.

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