Hungarian Names for Planets

Blog Post Number one, Written: 05-15-2021 Uploaded: 01-21-2022 In the interest of starting conversations and building community around science fiction and The Descendant, I’m going to start a little blog here, hopefully, we can all talk about this kind of stuff, the science in science fiction and so on. So that we can all learnContinue reading “Hungarian Names for Planets”

Historical Names of Russian Characters

Blog Post Number 2 Written:05-15-2021 Uploaded: 01-29-2022 Here’s another quick post, about some names I have used. The secondary characters are all named after actual people from Russian history. Some lesser-known, but the ones I think deserve the mention here are Viktor Patseyev, Georgy Dobrovolksy and Vladislav Volkov. Those were the three men aboard theContinue reading “Historical Names of Russian Characters”

The Naming of Russian Space Ships.

Blog Post Number Three, Written: 05-16-2021 Uploaded: 02-04-2022 Russians don’t always name their ships, from my understanding, they usually don’t. Unlike the trend of the American programs. For example, all of the United States Apollo missions had names, and even United States water-born navy ships all have names too. Some Russian ships do, and someContinue reading “The Naming of Russian Space Ships.”