The Naming of Russian Space Ships.

Blog Post Number Three, Written: 05-16-2021 Uploaded: 02-04-2022

Russians don’t always name their ships, from my understanding, they usually don’t. Unlike the trend of the American programs. For example, all of the United States Apollo missions had names, and even United States water-born navy ships all have names too. Some Russian ships do, and some don’t. Many of their submarines, in fact, the majority are known simply by hull designation numbers. While groups of Russian space missions did have names, like Slayut of Vostok, kind of like the USA’s Apollo or Mercury programs. I don’t believe individual ships or missions had names as the west tended to do.

            However, in the lore of The Descendant Universe, there is a space race going on. A race to colonize as many planets as possible, and while naval/military ships are used to protect colonies, the colonies are established with scientific ships, civilian colony ships that are all named after a Russian city, and the established colony is often named after the ship. Because of the significance of interstellar colonization to the second space race, the number of colonized solar systems serving as the metric for the measurement of political clout, it became common practice to name military ships after cities too. Hence the names like Tsaritsyn and Smolensk.

That way, if the military ships found a nice place to settle down, they could leave behind a beacon, or a probe or a satellite of some sort, and name the new colony with an appropriate and normal-sounding name, even if there wasn’t anyone actually living there. So, hundreds of years later as the space race and the cold war continues into their twilight years, both arms, the Russian Federation and the AACR (Asian Australian Collective Republic) are so busy maintaining their own prospects and colonies with overextended supply and communication lines and attempting to still do science stuff too, the Russians still name all of their ships, civilian or otherwise after the cities they left behind on earth. Because both factions have little more than embassies left behind on earth. Leaving humanities home world as little more then a symbol as they push out into the stars. Struggling to establish, protect and maintain control over all these colonies, and have more colonies than the other party.

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