The Lore of the Uradians (Big Spoilers)

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The Uradians are biologically engineered. They are not born, they are grown, but they are organic, they are not assembled, even if they are manufactured. Designed and deployed by the Cathatus to assuage human colonization, on a galactic scale, by destroying all humans.

The Uradians and the Cathatus are the two races from the trilogy of books I wrote in high school when I tried to answer the Fermi paradox within the confines of the BattleTech universe. That was my fanfiction that taught me how to write. Looking back at them now, that original trilogy is mostly just people getting brutally killed by aliens. But that’s basically what the Uradaians are for. So, there will be huge spoilers further in this post. You have been warned, read at your own risk.

So to explain the Uradians existence properly, I have to go a couple of steps further back… Humans are not from earth. Earth is not our home planet. We are aliens to earth. All those theories about ancient aliens and someone else building the pyramids are kinda right, ancient space fairing humans built those with the last of their dwindling technology and resources. Earth is the one planet, the one backwater colony that got missed. Because ancient space fairing humans had spread across the galaxy, and they were choking the whole galaxy for resources and space and culture, due to their sheer numbers.

The Cathatus are going to be a different post all their own, so  I won’t go into them here, just know that he Cathatus made the Uradians. They are biological, but they are engineered, they are designed and grown. They are not born, they didn’t evolve. Their purpose, as designed by the Cathatus, is to kill all humans.

The ancient alien humans were not violent oppressors, there were just too many of them, like an uncontrolled rabbit population in Australia. The Uradians are the hounds bred to exterminate them. They are engineered to kill. In every sense of the word. They are contained in metal armor, but their nerves are bonded to it, they feel with that metal just the same as we would feel with our skin, it is their skin. Their armor has no seam, no seal, you don’t put it on, or take it off, they are poured into it and grown from larva. The only part that comes off, is the helmet, so in emergencies, they can bite people. Their mouths like sharks, can roll the jaws outward, to expose hooked and serrated teeth that retract into their gums like cat’s claws. Their hands have claws, their feet have claws, their armor contains dark matter fusion reactors, they have shoulder-mounted weapons that magnetically project football-size lumps of plasma that burn and melt and destroy down to the cellular level. The bracer on each arm sheaths a blade, their shoulders contain a set of small emitters where they can vent heat from the reactor directly into the air, which evaporates the air into plasma and creates thrusters, allowing them to fly in the atmosphere. Tiny pressurized air tanks can be combined with these thrusters to allow them to maneuver under their own power, on an individual level in space too. Their suits are hardened against vacuum, most radiation, handheld kinetic weapons, the depths of liquid oceans, heat, cold, and just about any other environment, allowing them to hunt humans in any location, across the galaxy, where there is nowhere to hide, making their planned galactic genocide inevitable. They have two hearts, three lungs, each with their own diaphragm, three kidneys, and due to dense caloric storage inside their hard suits, they can go months without eating even with constant strenuous physical combat. Their space ships are advanced and limited more by the laws of physics than their technology. They have no sense of self, no individual personality, and while they are self-preserving, they do not flinch or hesitate in the face of pain, or injury. They would not have to think twice about sacrificing themselves if it meant killing more humans or saving a number of their siblings. They are not suicidal, but they don’t care if they survive. They are hungry and relentless. It is literally instinct programmed into them. Wolves hunt in packs, lions hunt in packs, elk fight for mates, chimps throw poop and Uradians kill humans. It excites them. It is the only time they feel emotion, they feel hate and loathing until they kill, and then they feel pleasure, they get what I have dubbed as “wargasms”. They will hunt you with their advanced optical and thermal camouflages. They do not tire, and they do not waver. They are smart and analytical. They will use databases, manifests and any other domestic information in order to find how many people there are, and where they are so that they may kill all the humans, one by one, hand to hand, eye to eye exterminating the species. Leaving the colonized planets more or less intact so that the Cathatus or any other races from the galactic council may come to occupy the territory and utilize the resources that the humans have been rampantly consuming.

Their one bit of culture is music. The sound of music amplifies everything they feel. It makes the hate stronger, the pleasure greater, and on rare occasions lets them experience other strange emotions, fear? Remorse? Mortal terror? Hunger? Lust? Things they don’t have words for. But a good song, a well-played guitar solo during a blood bath is bound to bring up strange feelings and emotions much the same that humans get when injecting chemicals between their toes at odd hours of the night with dirty needles. They are the exterminators, the grim reapers, the bump in the night, the reasons colonies go dark and people disappear. They don’t always make frontal assaults. The power of fear is not lost on them, and sometimes an odd handful will slip into a planet’s ecosystem without a full landing force, and brutalize the people in their homes, they are the boogie men, the monsters that people make movies about. They are simple, but that’s why they are good. They do one thing, and they do it well. Death, by any means necessary.

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