The Lore of the Tillians

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This post comes with another big Spoiler warning. The books that this pertains to haven’t been written yet, much less published, so feel free to read out of curiosity, or don’t read this week’s post, because of spoilers. You’ve been warned and now it’s your choice. I just make stuff up, I can’t make anyone read it, as much as I wish I could sometimes.

The  Tillians are the bad guys. The ultimate bad guys. You thought the Uradians were bad, or that humans and their plots against each other and their treatment of other races like the Kek and the Octo’s were bad, or the Cathatus were bad for making the Uradians and setting them loose upon the galaxy, with the express purpose of committing galactic scale genocide.

The Tillians are a bigger threat, there’s always a bigger fish and the Tillians are the big fish that scares the Cathatus. They make the Cathatus run with their tails tucked back to the Uradians, and desperate enough to stop the Uradians execution of the Humans, because they want the Humans to help to fight too.

The Tillians are an advanced post-biological society, each consciousness, each soul inhabits a colony of nanomachines, and is capable of all kinds of fabrication and manufacture. Their technology and grasp of quantum computing and entanglement in exponentially better than the humans understanding of the theory. They exist in the other dimension, where the Cathatus have gone to do their science stuff after the first genocide of humanity.

Humanity doesn’t know what or how, but the Catahtus made the Tillians angry, and they came running back to our current dimension to summon their vast armies of Uradians to protect themselves. They returned just as the Uradians were getting fully mobilized for the second genocide of humanity. The humans are spared from the slaughter because the Cathatus have a more important job for their blue demons to do. Be their shield against the Tillians.

The Tillians have a very different set of technological devices, they look at physics differently than the inhabitants of the Milkyway and this makes them even more difficult to deal with.

Because of their lack of biological bodies, they are in individual combat difficult to deal with, as injuries don’t slow them down, they don’t feel pain, they don’t get tired, they don’t get worn down, constant bombardment doesn’t lower their morale, they can exchange information with instantaneously and completely. They can absorb and accelerate at G forces that beings with biological or organic bodies can’t survive.

Because of their powerful and advanced quantum computing ability, they can count to infinity. This allows them to take advantage of the Banach Tarski paradox and manufacture things exponentially. One original copy can be made by hand. But because they can count to infinity, they can disassemble that original into a bunch of pieces and then use those pieces to build two new items, both identical to the original, without having to add extra materials into the process. This lets them build huge fleets of identical ships, manufacture tons of weapons, and if damaged, easily and quickly repair their personal hives of nanobots.

Being extra-dimensional entities, they also have a better grasp on the various dimensions than we do and can take full advantage of string theory. Which they use to build machines, giant space rings, that can isolate individual rings of string energy, and tune them to match frequencies with other objects where ever they like. Then, whenever an object passes through that ring, for example, a warship of equal mass to the object they’re tuned into will allow the two objects to instantly switch places. Stealing moons and asteroids in one solar system to fill it with warships, and then using those raw materials to build new warships, or to swap the ships back after the opening salvo before anyone can return fire. This gives them a huge edge and makes it almost impossible to retaliate against them, until other things like entropy catch up to them and the generations of their duplicate ships start having ‘bad luck’ and then the Uradians discover where their ring machines are, and destroy them, leaving them trapped here in the Milkyway without FTL. And then the Cathatus, with the seemingly endless numbers of Uradians at their side, go back to the other dimension, to destroy the Tillians and the threat they still pose there. Humanity as a species is saved because the evil aliens have bigger problems to solve. And 90% of the Uradians leave, and those that remain have orders from the Catahtus not to kill the humans, because they feel guilty about genocide. This leads to some interesting cultural exchanges between the humans and the Uradians, but that’s a story for a different time. Meanwhile, ZostaMax is doing his thing. You’ll see. Sorry for the spoilers, not sorry. I’m trying to make blog topics, and stuff. You were warned about spoilers.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you out there.

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