Exo Planets and interstellar research

Blog Post Number 29 Written: 06-20-2021 Uploaded 08-12-2022

I have been researching real planets to use in the books. I’ve got a list of real planets that I use as references while describing the worlds and such within The Descendant Saga.  Just going to list a few that have, or will be used in the book off the top of my head, I’m sure there are more. If  I don’t list them here, they have been saved as a surprise for later, don’t worry. Kepler 452B, Kepler 186 F, Kepler 442B, there were others too, Trappist 1C? I think? Was it Trappist 11? Like I said, I made a list so I don’t forget, because there are a bunch, a dozen or so that I have either used or will use later. But I have a problem. All those planets are listed as a distance from earth, but not a distance from each other. Small spoiler, the first two books take place on Kepler 452B, and afterward, they escape to Kepler 186 F. I know the distance from each of those planets from earth, but not the distance between those planets. What I need, what I would like very much to have, is a 3D map of the galaxy.  A three-dimensional map of the other known exoplanets in relation not just to each other, but to earth as well. That way I know not just how far they are from earth but from each other. I could more appropriately estimate the amount of time it takes to travel from Kepler 452B to Kepler 186F. instead, I am forced to be vague about it, I know the speed and distance limitations of the Human’s ships and how long it will take them to travel a given distance, but the problem is I don’t know the distances. I have looked, and I have been unable to find such a map. I need a functional, to scale, labeled galactic map of the Milkyway, that is in, or has a searchable database.

I have looked around on the internet and been unable to find such a thing. If it does exist I would very much appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of such information so that I may use it for future reference in the books. I would hate to be wrong for a simple lack of information. There’s time yet to change things, to add numbers and do math to make sure I am not wrong. I feel like I should say more, but I have said what I meant and anything else will just be ramblings, I guess this will just be a short post this week.

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