Interlude post and book update

Written and uploaded 08-26-2022

Hey, I know normally I have a prewritten post. I sat down a while back and just cranked out a bunch of relevant posts, and once a week I just throw one out to be consistent, and because of how many I have, I don’t have to worry about my content.

But this post is a little more important, so I am interrupting the regular flow of blog posts to elaborate, it’s not quite the same. I have some news, that I know I have mentioned elsewhere, but have not explained so completly. Let me be more fully and completely articulate here, so that everyone who is interested, can know what’s going on, and follow along with my book’s evolution.

So… The Descendant Saga as originally planned, is no more. I had originally planned to write nine books, each about 70,000 words. I had the first five written, and the first in the series, the flag ship book The Descendant, was published by the Immerser. However, ultimately due to logistics and staffing issues the Immerser while still a legal entity, does not currently have the capacity to continue supporting The Descendant, or any of the sequels. In April this year they returned all the rights relevant to the book back to me.

I then began querying literary agents, to get representation and find another publisher to release The Descendant. However, after a couple months and a couple dozen query letters and a half dozen rejection letters, I was told by the other writers in the writing community at large, that I would have an extremely hard time finding an agent for The Descendant, because it was an already published book, and no one would want to pick it up, because it was no longer new and shiny, they had lost that “first look” privilege. I have no further proof beyond my own gut feeling, but I also speculate that nine books, is too long a series for an agent or publisher to be comfortable signing on a rookie author for. It will drag out too long, it will take to long for them all to get written, IF they all get written and so on.

Which brings me to where I am now, with a new book. I have not written any new content beyond what I already had, with manuscripts complete for the first four, of the nine books I had planned in my series.

Fortunately for me, I had originally planned on breaking my nine-book series into three subsections. I was marketing it to agents as a “Trilogy of Trilogies”. So my simple solution, to solve this “not a new book” problem, and my perceived “nine books is too long a series” problem. I have taken my trilogy of trilogy’s, and made it a regular old trilogy. The nine books of about 70,000 words each has been smashed into three bigger books of about 210,000 words each. Inside each big book it is still subdivided into the separate smaller books, but it is now just one thick manuscript. I know there are other books that have been subdivided like this before, an excellent and more recent example of this would be Christopher Paolini’s “To sleep on a sea of stars” which oddly enough was published only about two weeks before The Descendant, but it is subdivided inside the book into subsections, and it is over 200,000 words in length. This is only the most recent example. There are many others, the version of The Hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy that I read was the various books of the series, smashed into one manuscript, and it worked well that way, it sold many copies of that edition.

So now, I am editing this new, bigger better manuscript. It contains not just the as published 60,000 word edition of The Descendant, but rather uses the extended 72,000 word edition that has the four part series of vignettes from the antagonists POV added into it, and it has the completed second book, and the completed third book which as yet, have only been read by my beta readers and some of the staff of the Immerser. It is still subdivided between the covers, but this new big book, contains all three books and by word count is nearly 75% never before published content.

So, that’s how I have made a new book, that’s what I am editing. When I am done editing, I will need a beta reader or two, and then I will start querying agents again, and I will be comfortable, and not feel disingenuous about calling it a new book. I know the as published version of The Descendant fit inside the young adult category of sci-fi but as the main character gets older, so does the content of the story mature. There’s more blood, gore, swearing and so on, the rest of the series is much more Adult, and I feel this larger/ longer format, that will more seriously seat the book into the adult sci-fi sub- genre is a good thing.

The editing is going well, it’s going quickly because all three of these books have already been edited, hopefully I can put this new, bigger better book out on the market soon. I don’t have a tittle for it yet. I had a few ideas, but none of my beta readers liked them, and frankly I only had the tittle developed as a place holder. Anyway, that’s what’s’ up, thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you in the next one.


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