Hero Worship

Written: 11-02-2022 Uploaded : 11-04-2022

I see more and more often people talking about their muse, or their inspiration. Who their heros were or are. For the longest time I never understood this concept. I never had a hero, there was no single person that inspired me to take on drastic challenges or to keep pushing when time got dark.

I have no comes to realize, that is perhaps because I have studied a wider array of people, for more time frames and topics than some are prone to. I don’t have a single inspirational person, because I am inspired by the achievements of humanity as a species. No single person is that all encompassing. Or perhaps I cast to wide a net when it comes to my goals. Regardless, I now can answer that twitter post saying, I don’t have a hero, in the singular sense.

 I have lots of heroes, in no particular order, other than this is the order their stories and achievements occurred to me I would like to mention… The industrious women that hand wove the first computers used to operate and navigate the Saturn rockets and Apollo modules to and from the moon, Lydia Litvyak the female fighter Ace, all the innovation and technological advancement brought to us by Elon Musk, Victor Vescovo who discovered the long lost wreck of the famed USS Samuel B Roberts, the first man to come back from space alive, Vladmir Illusion and the other phantom cosmonauts, Patseyev, Volkov and Dobrovolksy, the three cosmonauts who died in the Soyuz 11 incident or Vasily Arkhipov who didn’t fire the nukes during the Cuban missile crisis, President Teddy Roosevelt who kept talking, who finished his speech after being shot by a would be assassin, My great grandfather Bill Randolph who chose the army instead of prison after being arrested for grand theft auto and landed in the second wave on Omaha beach. The medal of honor recipient Desmond Doss, Fighter pilot Franz Stigler who set aside wartime difference to protect and acknowledge true acts of determination and bravery. The Wright Brothers, the lost crew of USS Scorpion, the engineering feats of John M Browning, the brave pilots of the Dolittle raid, the resolve of Winston Churchil, the crew and engineers of Apollo 13 who kept their cool, got home alive and have one to the two greatest success stories of space rescues. The other being the salvaging of space station Salyut 7, or the brave souls that were lost with the sinking of the Kursk. The Men who survived the battle for Chosin Hill, the operators who fought, and died trying to protect Americans in Benghazi, the Delta force operators and the rangers, the night stalkers who went in to rescue their fellow servicemen in the Battle for Mogadishu. Those who took ground, paid for it with their blood in Fallujah, the men we lost at Camp Bastion…

Those people, those sacrifices, accomplishments, achievements, stories… those are the things and the people that inspire me, those are what I would call heroes, there are to many such events like that to select just one. They are all worthy of our attention, our admiration and the space inside our heads.

Those people, those stories, those men and women and their achievements are the things that inspire me, the goals I look up to, I can’t name a single individual person, to proclaim “This is my hero.” Because there are to many brave people that deserve our praise.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you out there.

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Science fiction author and Avionics Technician

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