Tanks for the hate

Written 11-22-2022 Uploaded 11-24-2022

Today is Thursday, but it’s also Thanksgiving. For the occasion, I’ll go ahead and drop this week’s post a day early, this is something else I wrote, elsewhere, intended to be motivational, but it speaks a little of my personality too. Enjoy, regular blog posts to come back next week.

You know who I love? The doubters and the haters. The people that tell me I can’t, that I’m not good enough. Those that want to hold me back because they’re afraid.
Because man, sometimes I hate me too, but when someone else hates me… Now I have a reason to fight. I have something to prove. Failure isn’t an option, its not on the table it’s not even thought of, if I didn’t win, that just means I am not done working.
I am me, and I’ve overcome every single challenge I have put before myself, and everything that the world has thrown at me, I haven’t died yet. Therefore, I must be fuckin’ invincible.

I can’t do it? Watchme. Yes, that is one word. I will not stop. There are dark times, I have seen the shadows and the monsters, I’ve even fought a few of them. I will drag my darkness into the light, I will show everyone the hurt and the pain, and make them watch, I will hold them down so they can’t look away, while I kill and eat the very demon they said would stop me. I’ll smile doing it, because I’m always hungry.

When I get to the top of that mountain, when I look over that valley, and all the trees I’ve ducked, boulders I scrambled, streams I’ve swam, to get there, I understand, to take a breath to enjoy that, I conquered that shit, it’s mine now. It’s my damn mountain. But my shoulders are still square, my jaw still set, my head still high. Because there’s always another mountain to climb.

This is why I get up at 5am everyday and write my books before work, why I put in my 50 hours every week, why I go to the gym more days then not, why I read, why I study thee classics. Why I get what I need, and if it doesn’t exist, I have 3d printers, I can make that too. Why I have three degrees, so many certifications I literally have a list pinned to my wall so I don’t forget one, why I have no debt. Why I have my own house plus a car, a truck and an SUV with, no payments. This is why I pack my mattress with phat stacks.

If you help, if it’s mutually beneficial I will drag you along to victory too. But if you don’t help, if you’re slowing me down, the only reason I might remember your name, is because you’re one of the ones that said I couldn’t. Some people, don’t understand the good fight, often I think I don’t understand, but that’s never stopped me, I’ll learn…

Stay hungry

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Science fiction author and Avionics Technician

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