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            Mr. Nylund is not a well-known author. He works for Microsoft studios and is a developer that works on the Halo franchise. He has however written three paperbacks that are part of the expanded Halo universe. I have several of those on my shelf, and his three are my favorite. I think he is an underappreciated author. I particularly love the way he handles spaceship combat. The three books in question here are Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo: First Strike, and Halo: Ghosts of Onyx. And while the others weren’t bad, those three Halo books were my favorite. His descriptions of space-based ship on ship combat were very good, setting the standard and leaving all the other space combat feeling subpar. This man and those few scenes were an inspiration for me when writing my space combat. I hope they are of equal quality. He has other books written, several in fact. They aren’t all part of the Halo series, but I haven’t read those. Starting in the Mid 90s and running up until the present. At least according to Wiki. I knew nothing about this man beyond those three books I had read and enjoyed until cruising the brief wiki article on him before writing this.

            If you have read any or all of his other books, and if they include the same well-described and realistic space combat I would like to know. I’d love to read more of that stuff, but I have no idea if the other books include ship on ship combat or are worth my time and money to buy and read. I have to get more shelf space before I buy more books anyway.

I am always on the lookout for new stuff to read, if you have another author who you think is fantastic and does not get enough attention much the same as I feel about Eric Nylund here, please drop their name, and maybe I or anyone else reading this will pick up a copy and support your favorite underdog author.

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