Writers are the busiest people

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Writers are the busiest people, for all the reasons, and that’s why they are the busiest people. Not only are they looking out into the world, constructing, plotting imagining, questioning, researching and learning everything. And by that, I mean literally everything. What writer has not questioned, the world, themselves, their pet, the words they put on the page, the words of everyone else, spoken, written or implied. The meaning of life, the value of their efforts and so on.

            A writer is also a busy person in a much more physical sense. Because they probably have a regular job. And they probably have to do all the other things you have to do in life, shop for groceries, changes tires on the side of the road, do laundry, walk the dog, answer emails, pain the fence, higher contractors to fix their air conditioner, visit relatives, keep your relationship with your spouse held together and all the other things in life that take up our time, sometimes you just have to chill on the couch, eat and entire pizza and watch an entire season for whatever your show is in one sitting, just to catch your breath from the insane, incessant running around and hullabaloo that is life. But they also must write, they must edit, and draft and plot, and edit and draft and write and ponder and research and brain storm.

The world doesn’t slow down and let you do that, it doesn’t give you time to write, it doesn’t give you permission to stop what you’re doing and casually write a book or three. A writer has to find time, they have to make time. They have to take it by force, the have to go against the world, the natural order of things, paddle up stream, saw against the grain, grit the teeth and fight that much harder to do it, because they are a writer, and a writer must write.

            So if you have any inkling, to put pen to paper, words to .docx then I implore you, do it. Don’t wait, don’t put if off for a slow weekend with nothing better to do. Because there will always be something else to do. The world won’t let you stop to take a breath, you have to learn to write between breaths, and if you’re lucky, maybe even sleep to.

That is why writers are the busiest people. Their lives are busy, and while there are some with possibly busier schedules then some writers, writer’s mind’s never stop working either. I’m sure there’s some college kid out there thinking more, thinking harder, then I am, but to have someone who has both a busier schedule and a busier mind, is a long shot indeed.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you out there.

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