Backstory, Lore of the Kek

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As with a couple of the other recent posts, there will be spoilers in this one, and I’m not sure how to tell this part of the story without spoilers. So read at your own risk, or viewer discretion is advised or something official sounding like that.

The Kek are aliens, they are not native to Earth, but they are being uplifted by humanity. They come from a small world with a moderate climate from a small moderate star. They are technologically advanced in that they have electricity, radios, advanced medicine, and basic computers, but their world has a lower percentage of fissile materials, and they haven’t yet discovered nuclear power. They haven’t reached up into the stars yet either. Humans were able to find them and track them down because of their radio broadcasts, but they haven’t put any satellites in orbit around their little world. Humans approached cautiously, and spend more than a year in orbit over their planet before reaching out to communicate with the Kek. The Kek knew the humans were there. They could see them with telescopes, they were watching the ship just as the ship was watching them, but they had not spacecraft of their own to send to greet it, and their radio calls went unanswered.

So when there was quite the stir, both for the Kek and the humans when the first shuttle plummeted through the atmosphere and made landfall. This was the AACR. The Russian Federation was busy uplifting the Octopi and when the AACR found the radio signals with a deep space probe, and then dropped a scientific vessel in orbit over the planet, their discovery of the Kek was one of their most closely guarded secrets, their own race of uplifts to be exploited for the good of the AACR, for the good of humanity.

The AACR’s portrayal of themselves and humanity as a whole was rudimentary and as cursory as possible to answer the Kek’s questions. They were there to learn about the Kek, not teach them about humans.

To start with, their biology was similar in some respects but very different in others. Their moderate wold has lower gravity, and as such, the Kek often grow larger, having proportionally longer arms, legs, and spines when compared to humans. 190-220 centimeter is the average height range. They have a recognizable but different DNA structure/ sequence. Their general biped shape with two arms, two legs, head at the top with hair on top and torso full of organs and protected by ribs, although their ribs are fewer in number and generally larger and sturdier. From a distance, they could be mistaken for human, and for a time, this caused quite the stir within the various religious sects of humanity. The AACR has even used the resemblance to spread rumors that the Kek are a hoax, they aren’t but the AACR disinformation is enough to spread doubt, and questions of the validity of their existence.  The AACR’s intelligence network isn’t sure how the cat got out of the bag, but they are hard at work spreading rumors there was never a cat in the first place, so they can reap the benefits.

Their planet has less ecological diversity than the earth, less evolutionary pressure or diversity. In some way’s they are more primitive than humans, Not that they are less intelligent, their mathematicians are remarkable. But their Livers and Spleens are less complex, their bodies not as good at filtering out toxin’s as a humans liver or spleen is, their hands have three fingers and a thumb rather than four, their feet lack pinky toes to match. While their heads grow hair to protect them from the sun, their bodies lack other hair, they don’t grow hair on legs, chests arms backs, or what have you, they lack that natural armor that humans, primates, and most mammals grow. Another interesting thing is that they are mono-gendered. They have no male or female genders, no concept of mother or father, for all members have complete sets of functional male and female reproductive organs. Children don’t often know or care who their parents are, as they are raised collectively by the whole community. They live in small groups, villages usually ranging from a couple hundred to a couple thousand in size. While it is common for individuals to leave their home village, and venture off to join another upon reaching adulthood, the conflict between groups is rare, they often simply ignore each other, leaving everyone to their own devices, they are very private and reserved by nature. Warfare, open conflict between more than a dozen or so individuals that make up an ‘interest group’ is rare.

The Human’s concepts of community, of us and them of private and public, or privacy, or the lack thereof because of universally utilized technologies was very alien and confusing to the Kek. These little village communities that they live in is part of what the AACR has done to take advantage of them. They have abducted hundreds of thousands, while villages going away. Those “uplifted” have been educated and trained and inducted into the service, they aren’t as specialized as the Octos have been with the Russian Federation, but they have been of even more interest and advancement to the scientific community and the understanding of evolution. Their smaller planet and less complex ecological systems and relationships have made an even simpler model for humans to track changes through. Adults have a hard time getting over the culture shock and usually can not be integrated into human units to serve in ‘parallel’. However, many children have been taken, and while being Kek by birth are being raised as humans, though the discovery of Kek was some decades ago, only the first handful of ‘integrated’ Kek have entered service as the first years were spent in observation, and after contact was made they were busy learning, kidnapping, dissecting, growing their knowledge.

The AACR’s uplifting of the Kek is a slower burning fuse, but the project is a much bigger bomb, with larger and longer-term results than the few generations of Octo Engineers and compact ‘pocket-sized’ ships that the Russians have been building. The Kek are being taken for a ride by the AACR without their knowing, and many of their numbers have been taken without any of the rest of the population being any the wiser. There are now multiple O-neil cylinder type colonies, both segregated and integrated types housing millions of “uplifted” Kek. When the AACR is ready to unveil its secret pet project, the advantage that will give them over the Russian federation will be huge, and probably devastating, since it will come with generations of indoctrination and brainwashing. These poor, innocent, naïve Kek’s are in for a rude awakening and a wild ride if the masses still constrained to their home planet find out about those who have been “uplifted” and “bred in captivity.”

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